Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review: Gmarket order #1

I wanted new skirts so I ordered some at Gmarket. I like their clothing and it's not expensive at all. I placed my order at the 8th of May and received it yesterday, 17th May. So I received the skirts in 1,5 weeks which is pretty fast I think :D I ordered two skirts, the total amount was €24/$35, shipping costs included.

I'm very happy with my new skirts. I've been looking for a lace skirt for so long and now I own one. And I'm in love with the blue colour (which I've been looking for so long too)  ♥ The skirts are one size but I think it can fit everyone since the skirts are elastic.

Click the pictures to see where I ordered the two skirts.


  1. Those skirts are so cute! *0*

  2. Ah-- lace skirt~!. <33 I love those. (Just got my own this winter, and I can't stop wearing it.)

    Congrats on your order- Gmarket's definitely a good website~.

  3. Cute skirts! <3 Especially the lace ones, I'm in love with laces hahaha. xD!

    PS: Hello fellow Dutchie. =)

  4. I'm just like you, girls ♥ bigbigbig love for lace!
    And I'll be writing more posts about this love hehe