Sunday, July 31, 2011

Purple gradient

The last week I didn't had time to do my nails, because I have been busy with moving and such. I still live in Rotterdam but now more in the center of the city. Shopping's nearby! I did the gradient with a sponge which is the easiest method I know.
Items used:
Essence - #42 Dress for a moment
Essence - #27 No more drama
Essence nail art twins - #8 Troy
Catrice quick shine & high shine top coat
Piece of sponge

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Review: Taobao order #1

After almost 2 months (I think) I finally got this lace bag! Gorgeous, isn't it? I ordered it through 65daigou from Taobao. Taobao is a sort of Chinese Gmarket but you need agents to order it from. I read on Soompi 65daigou is a really good one so I registered and ordered the bag. It turned out you need to pay for the shipping TWICE when you want it to get shipping overseas which is super expensive! They didn't state this clear on their website pff -___- But I'm lucky they got someone who went to Germany and could ship my bag from that country. In total the bag costed me €27 while the bag itself was only €7,50. So I spent like €20 on the shipping >< But it's worth it. They don't sell these pretty bags in the Netherlands. However, the quality isn't great  and to warn you: don't use 65daigou as your agent to order from Taobao unless your shipping address is in Singapore!!

Click the picture to see where I ordered the bag.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review: Essence nail art twins

Today my younger sisters and I went downtown and bought 8 nail swatches. The drugstore had all nail swatches on sale, for Essence it was 2 swatches for €4. Now we have the twins collection complete :D

From left to right:
#07 Chuck  
#07 Blair

#02 Romeo
#02 Julia

#08 Gabriella
#08 Troy

#06 Bella
#06 Edward
What I noticed were the names. It's funny how they are couples from movies or series;
Gossip Girl, Romeo and Juliet, High School Musical and Twilight.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nail art fimo

Two weeks ago I ordered 100 pieces of nail art fimo at Ebay for $5. Cheappp! And I always wanted to try those so I ordered them :D They are so small and cuteeeeeee! I will try them as soon as all my nails are long again. The nail of my middle finger keeps breaking and breaking, it's annoying when your nails are long enough to do nail art except for one finger -___-" My nails are so boring now ): I will post the photos when I can finally use those cute fimo.

Also, the reason why my previous nails are from my right hand (normally I picture my left hand) is the short nail of my middle finger lol.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Chiffon polka dots

I was inspired by a chiffon top (on sale) I saw at New Look. But they didn't had my size anymore otherwise I bought it for sure >< The top was green and it had brown polka dots. It also had a V neck with a bow which you can fold it yourself, that was what made the top so cute!
Items used:
Catrice - #250 I sea you!
Essence - #39 Spicy
Dotting tool