Saturday, September 24, 2011

Metallic Essence

Got this design from my younger sister. Yes, the one who did the Vans nails :D I like how it looks like foil stickers. Oh, and in case you're wondering why I always use Essence swatches: I think they have cheap prices for high quality. I'm not a person who will spend her money on expensive stuff. Gives me a bad feeling if I do ): I would love to try the OPI swatches one day though!

Can you remember that I once told about my school project? That we have to start an own business and import & sell products in the Netherlands. We are doing a market research now because we have to know which product Dutch residents like the most. If you're from the Netherlands, could you please complete this online survey for me? I would really appreciate! It only takes 3 till 5 minutes of your time ^___^ Click here!
Items used:
Essence nail art cracking base colour - #01 Sparkling champagner
Essence nail art freestyle & tip painter - #11 Grape-metallic rocks
Essence nail art freestyle & tip painter - #12 metallic champagne

Thursday, September 22, 2011

WIC by Herôme (for Dutch readers)

Herôme is a Dutch cosmetics brand which thinks real beauty comes from the inside, not the outside. That's why they support charities every year. Their nail polish collection World Inspired Colours (WIC) by Herôme has 79 swatches and every colour has the name of a cosmopolitan city. The colours are high quality, cause they are enriched with Silica, Vitamin E and Panthenol.

Douglas invites you!
On 22, 23 and 24 September you can get your nails done by their staff. After that you can choose a free WIC colour to take home. You can go to every Douglas branch you want, except the ones at Amsterdam Gelderlandplein, Amsterdam Beethovenstraat, Amsterdam P.C. Hooftstraat and Laren. If you want to go I advise to go early when they open their dores or at the end of the day before closing. It might be very crowded and each customer takes 15 minutes to get their nails done.

I went today in Rotterdam and I have to say they didn't polish my nails that pretty. I removed it right away when I was home lol. But hey, it was free and the swatch was free as well :D I chose the swatch #110 Casablanca to take home. I'm actually not a lover of purple nail polish but I wanted this one because of the small golden glitters in it. What I think about the colour? I don't love it. It has a soft and mysterious appearance but it's just not my colour. The golden glitters are also not very noticable when applied. Wish I picked another colour instead lol. But as I said, it was all free so that's okay. I do like the nail polish itself! It applies very easy and well. It dries very fast too.

Go to your nearest Douglas store cause when the swatches are all given away there's no more left.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hair growth

Hi girls, todays blogpost will be about growing your hair. I can remember that I was very into growing my hair and I know a lot of girls wo are trying to do so too. So I thought this could be an interesting blogpost for you.

Two years ago
My hair lenght was past my boobs. I was looking for tips and products every week. I used coconut shampoo and conditioner, washed my hair with cold water, massaged my head etc. But it didn't really work for me :/ After a while I didn't bother anymore. I got tired of thinking the whole time of growing my hair while it wasn't even growing that much.

After that obsessed period of growing my hair I just didn't care anymore. I still wanted my hair to be long but I didn't bother thinking about it. After those two years not bothering, my hair lenght almost reaches my butt. What I did? The only things I did in the past two years were going to the hair dresser three or four times in total and trying not to think about how I can grow my hair.

My tips for you
Now I'm pretty satisfied with my hair. It's as long as I wanted it to be. Although it doesn't feel that long for me, it feels much shoter than it actually is. But I think everyone has this feeling, it's never long enough haha. The only tip I can give you girls is to be very patient. And don't think of your hair 24/7! This won't do any good for you and your hair.

Oh, almost forgot! You can read everywhere that you have to trim your hair once a month or two. But really, don't do this unless you think your hair needs it. If your hair is healthy, it's healthy. So don't go to the hair dresser! I believed it was really necessary to trim your hair regularly so I went to the hairdresser every two months *____* Afterwards I thought it was bullshit because my hair was fine and not damaged. It can be compared to cutting your grown hair off, so the growth you have been waiting for was all gone again. Besides, some hair dressers cut hair really really really short. I'm never satisfied when I leave the hair dresser, it's always too short.

Good luck with growing your hair! Remember, patience pays off.

Friday, September 16, 2011


This is my first blogpost which won't contain my own nails, but my sisters.  I came home and saw she designed her nails with the Vans logo. She was happy I wanted to post them at my blog :D Yes, the passion for nail art is everywhere here. I have three younger sisters and two of them (11 and 12 years old) are into nail art just like me. Like most of the people she find it hard to do her right hand, so she decorated her nails on the right hand with crackle top coat. I think the Vans and crackle designs are a good combination. Hehe, I'm so proud of her!
Items used:
Essence - #20 Fatal
Essence nail art stampy polish - #01 Stamp me! White
Essence cracking top coat - #02 Crack me! white
Small and thin brush from the nail art brushes set

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kittys love sky

It may sound stupid, but it took a long long time to achieve this design. And do you know where most of the time went to? To thinking of how I wanted my nails to be like! First it was like.. Which colour? And then I didn't knew what I wanted on my nails. Stamping, glitter, stickers? It took me more than 2 hours to finally figure out. Really, nail art is sometimes such a head ache haha. Anyway, I hope you like it :D It's super simple but I still think it's cute. I like the combination of light blue and pink. The base colour I used is a new colour of Essence. Did you see all those fall collections in the store? Prettyyyy!
Items used:
Essence - #74 Sure azure
Essence nail art freestyle & tip painter - #10 More than silver
Catrice quick shine & high shine top coat
Born Pretty's Hello Kitty stickers

Monday, September 12, 2011

Glitter up the nude

Since glitter on transparent nails are boring let's put some glitter on nude coloured nails!
Items used:
Catrice - #030 My cafe au lait at nôtre-dame
Essence speciaal effect topper - #03 Hello holo

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dots on your half moon

Hi girls, how have you been? Last week I was very very busy with school, I was so stressing out. But I think that time is not over yet ): For our school project we have to start a business, registered in the Chamber of Commerce. We have to import products from Asia and sell them in The Netherlands. Sooo there is lots of work to do! The project lasts 30 weeks.

I've seen the half moon manicure (leaving the below part of your nails plain) very often in Japanese nail art magazines and I think it's cute. It's also very simple to do, I made round movements with a cotton swab . The only thing you have to watch out for is that you don't rush while doing so. You have to be patient if you want it to be the correct appearance.
Items used:
Essence nail art twins - #07 Chuck
Essence nail art stampy polish - #001 Stamp me! White
Essence nail art freestyle & tip painter - #10 More than silver
Essence high shine topcoat
Cotton swab with nail polish remover

Friday, September 2, 2011

Born Pretty store

Bornpretty is an online store which sells all nail art related products for a reasonable price. The best thing is the free shipping!

They have regularly a contest where you can win different kind of items. So far I won the Hello Kitty stickers in the photo above, foil stickers and a Hello Kitty nail art plate. All free! Yes, also no costs for shipping! As I can remember, the Hello Kitty stickers were their very first promotion gift. After that they had other promotion gifts. Buttttt they gave people more chances to get the Hello Kitty stickers so they organized more contests where you could win the stickers again. Unfortunately, the contest for those stickers is over already. But stay tuned for more contests!
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Click the photo to see where to get the Hello Kitty stickers.

Review: LUSH - Lemony Flutter

LUSH is a company which sells handmade cosmetics. They have different products, including face masks, soaps, bath bombs, bubble bars, hand and body lotions and hair treatments. All handmade! There are more than 600 stores in 43 countries.

LUSH uses fruit and vegetables, essential oils, and synthetic ingredients in all products produced. In addition to not using animal fats in their products, they are also against animal testing and perform tests solely with volunteers instead.

Lemony Flutter
This product is to soften your cuticles; it's the thickest cream out there. It's so good at softening your cuticles and nourishing your nails that LUSH customers have been using it to soften and nourish lots of other body parts like feet, elbows and knees.

I am so happy with this product! I noticed I had dry cuticles and wanted to get rid of it. I read a lot of reviews from different products but most reviews said Lemony Flutter was the best. I was shocked when I saw the price of it. They sell it for €9.95 in the Netherlands which is $14.20. There was a tester in the store so I applied a bit on my cuticles and.. Wow! It immediately got soft! I WAS SOLD!

The product is really expensive but it's so worth it! It can last for a very long time. Now, after those months (I bought it in April) I'm still using the same jar. You don't even need that much amount for your cuticles! I recommend to apply every night before you sleep, the next morning you'll walk around with soft cuticles!