Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Taupe lace

Hi there, sorry for not updating lately ): Have been busy with school and stuff. Today, a new NOTD :D
As you might know, I'm fond of lace. So I wanted to try someting with lace for my nails. I was looking on Youtube but I couldn't find designs which caught my eyes. After thinking and thinking I came up with my own design. I love it and it became my favourite one! Wanna try this with many more colours.
Items used:
Catrice - #330 Absolutely chinchilly!
Essence tip painter white
Essense stamp template with stampy polish white
Catrice quick shine & high shine top coat


  1. o.o How... do you even do that? <33 The detailing is so perfect~~.

  2. It's actually very easy to do :D
    If you look at my ring finger it isn't even that perfect done haha

  3. ooh I love the simpleness of the design~ =D