Saturday, July 30, 2011

Review: Taobao order #1

After almost 2 months (I think) I finally got this lace bag! Gorgeous, isn't it? I ordered it through 65daigou from Taobao. Taobao is a sort of Chinese Gmarket but you need agents to order it from. I read on Soompi 65daigou is a really good one so I registered and ordered the bag. It turned out you need to pay for the shipping TWICE when you want it to get shipping overseas which is super expensive! They didn't state this clear on their website pff -___- But I'm lucky they got someone who went to Germany and could ship my bag from that country. In total the bag costed me €27 while the bag itself was only €7,50. So I spent like €20 on the shipping >< But it's worth it. They don't sell these pretty bags in the Netherlands. However, the quality isn't great  and to warn you: don't use 65daigou as your agent to order from Taobao unless your shipping address is in Singapore!!

Click the picture to see where I ordered the bag.

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  1. Aw shame about the shipping but it's a very cute bag, I have something similar but I like the colour of yours and the lace is such a nice addition to the bag.