Sunday, December 25, 2011

Catrice - #550 Marilyn and me

Usually I don't really love red nail polish, but I thought this new shimmer red colour from Catrice was pretty so I bought it. I like how the formula with glitters is like :D

Did you know Catrice changed the brush of their new swatches? I compared the brush of #550 Marilyn and me with #450 Sand Francisco, which is longer part of their collection. The brush is a little bit wider and the edges are less sharp. I think this is a positive change since the new brush is more suitable for applying the nail polish in the area along the cuticles. The brush has round edges, just like our cuticles (: Usually I'm sloppy when I have to do my right hand but when I applied this nail polish on my nails it went pretty well! I hope they are going to apply this brush in more future swatches cause I noticed another new Catrice swatch I have has the 'old' brush.

Merry Christmas! Much love,
Manli, family and Fuji

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