Friday, December 2, 2011

Review: Andrelon's new products for straight hair

In this blogpost I already introduced you to a review I would write about Andrélons new products for straight hair. Well, here it is!

I was so happy that I could review these products for straight hair because my hair isn't like most typical Asian hair (read: super straight). My hair has got actually lots of waves sometimes. Whenever I use my straightener my hair won't stay straight long enough. It would become wavy a few hours later already. Soooo I was very excited about these products and if they would actually work on my hair!

I applied the products in my hair (except for the hairspray of course lol) before using my straightener. It's a straightener that won't get very hot.

The heat protector
In my opinion this product isn't very different from the other heat protectors from Andrélon, for example the heat protector of the damage and care line. I actually don't have the feeling that this product makes my hair straighter eventhough you could expect this since it's a special heat protector for straight hair. I do believe the product protects my hair from heat, treats my hair and gives my hair optimum condition. But I don't think it's any more different than the other Andrélon heat protectors. Of course a heat protector is always usefull when using a hairdryer and/or straightener . But I don't want to recommend this specific heat protector since it's as good as other heat protectors.

This product prevents fuzzy and static hair, protects your hair against heat and gives your dry and damaged hair more volume and care. I used this product together with the heat protector before using my straightener. My hair is never fuzzy so I can't say anything about that. But it did prevented static hair. In this cold weather it's normal that hair gets static regularly because it's cold outside and warm inside. But I didn't had this problem! I was really happy about this because I just hate static hair =.= My hair comes till my butt so it's pretty heavy, even the mousse couldn't solve the problem. Eventhough it wasn't stated on the bottle of the mousse.. It did keep my hair straight! The next morning it was still as straight as the previous day. Remember I said my hair gets wavy after a few hours already when I don't use products while straightening? Awesome right? :D My hair does get oily faster because of the mousse but that's okay with me. I don't recommend the heat protector but I do recommend the mousse since it got many functions.

And finally the hairspray! This product prevents static hair and provides extra reinforcement. I find the spray not too harsh and your hair won't feel sticky. I didn't need the hairspray because the mousse was enough to keep my hair straight. I do recommend this product when your hair is very stubborn.

First picture: After straightening using the heat protector and mousse. Look how straight it is *___* My hair is never like this when I don't straight it.
Second picture: My hair the next morning after getting out of bed. Still as straight as the previous day.

These products are available in Dutch drugstores, such as Kruidvat and Etos.

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  1. Wow, your hair is beautiful! My hair is almost that length too!