Saturday, December 31, 2011

To infinity and beyond

I thought a sort of galaxy nails would be suitable for this evening. The black base coat as the black sky and the other colours on my nails are the colours of the firework. You don't see it? No, I don't see it either hahah. Just felt like doing galaxy nails. This nail art made me think of something Buzzz Lightyear from Toy Story always says: to infinity and beyond! So that's how I named this post :p

After I applied the shimmery black colour I used a sponge to apply a green-like colour (Essence - #38 Choose me!). This one is really shimmery so after this step I actually wanted to finish my nails already. They looked like the galaxy already! But I wanted more depth so I applied some soft pink (Catrice - #210 Just married) and light brown (Essence - #33 Just in case) onto my nails. And to finish it I applied the Essence - #38 Choose me! one more time. Be sure the colours you use are transparent enough!
Items used:
Essence - #85 Galactic black
Essence - #33 Just in case
Catrice - #210 Just married
Essence - #38 Choose me!
Piece of sponge
I hope all of you are going to have fun today and tonight. Happy new year!

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