Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tutorial: Snow runway

Tutorial time! You don't necessary have to call these Christmas nails, but it sure can give you the holiday feeling.

Let's get started!
1. Apply a base colour on your nails.

2. Take the brush in the picture below, a piece of paper and white nail polish. Put some nail polish on the piece of paper and dip the middle part of your brush in the polish (not too much!).

3. Apply the brush in the middle of your nail, starting from the top. While sweeping to the bottom you have to make little movements to left, right, left, right, left, right etc. Your nails should look like this:

4. Apply some colour glitters on the white part you want to pair up with the base colour and you're done.

Items used:
Catrice - #250 I sea you!
Essence tip painter white (the polish, not the brush)
Essence nail art twins - #06 Edward


  1. LOVE these!!

    SO pretty!! ^_^

    lindsey |

  2. ooh that's different :) love the colours