Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review: Liese dark chocolat #2

A short review of Liese was the first blogpost I started my blog with. So that's why this is review number 2. It was more than a half year ago when I dyed my hair for the last time. I wanted to get rid of my black roots and I found my hair colour faded too much. So here is another review!
The package includes:
The hairdye (2 liquids to mix)
Instructions on how to use the hairdye in English, Chinese and Japanese
Hair lotion for after dying and washing your hair

I used the same colour as the last time because I wanted to go for a natural colour. I didn't like how the colour faded so much lighter, it gradually became my old hair colour Liese - Marshmellow brown. But not all evenly over my whole haircut! It looked like this:

Ugly and weird looking! And I just don't know how it got like this ò___ó so it was time to dye my hair.

Before and after photos. Both made in sunlight. My hair got slightly darker. You can't see a big difference but it actually is a big difference when you look at my whole haircut.

The hairdye has a strong smell and it takes a few days before the water - you're washing your hair with - is clear. But beside that, Liese is a nice product to use.

Do you dye your hair too?


  1. I want to try Liese too since it's quite similar to Prettia, although the excess hairdye is easily washed out with Prettia :o Your hair looks nice by the way!

  2. Ah-- very pretty all-over brown. :]] I've never used Liese, but I AM dying my hair pretty soon, so I might finally try them out.