Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tutorial: cracking parts

Yay, already the second tutorial this week! And you can expect a lot more in the future ghehe :D Yesterday I went to the drugstore and saw Essence got a new colour for their cracking nail polish collection: silver! It made me think of the Shatter from OPI so I bought it right away. The difference between those 2 is first of all: the price. Essence is much cheaper than the one from OPI. But it also cracks differently! It cracks with long strips - like all the other cracking top coats from Essence - while OPI cracks with slightly more horizontal strips. Anyway, I think crackle nail polish can get very bored after a while so I tried different ways to do crackle nail art. 

Let's get started!
1. Choose a base coat you want to combine with the colour of your cracking top coat. I chose a dark colour for the silver crackle.

2. Use tape to achieve straight lines. Make sure the tape doesn't stick too well! This might screw up your base coat, even when it's completely dry!

3. For my pink finger I didn't do much effort, just painted the top. I didn't paint it straight as usual, but I painted it crooked. I personally like this crooked effect for crackle top coats better. 

4. I painted the whole nail of my thumb with small crooked stripes. While achieving this style you have to use little nail polish on your brush.

I don't use my cracking top coats often, but when I do I always do it the diagonal way. Simply because the usual way got too bored! Would you try this?
Items used:
Catrice - #330 Absolutely chinchilly
Essence - #04 Crack me! silver


  1. It looks so elegant! I love it.

  2. Very creative, love it! :)

    Your blog is so pretty *follows* <3

  3. Oh. My. Gosh.

    his is the BEST use of a cracking nail polish that I have ever seen. <33