Friday, October 14, 2011

Tutorial: Nyan cat rainbow nails

Nyan cat is a game with a cat with the body of a cherry pop tart flying through space. I never heard of this until someone requested me to do a tutorial for this cute cat. I downloaded the game on my iPod touch and it's quite funny, but weird haha. Anyway, here is the tutorial! This is going to be a huge tutorial lol.

Let's get started!
1. Apply a dark blue on your thumb, don't use a blue which is too dark! We are going to use the thumb for the cat because this is the widest nail. 

2. Start off with the pop tart body; draw a rectangle with a nude/pink colour. Make a rough outline and fill it in.

3. Now make the kitty head. Be sure you use a brush which is thin enough! Make a rough outline and fill it in just like in the previous step. Add the legs and tail afterwards.

4. Add a darker pink in the middle of the pop tart. Don't damage the head! If you think it's easier, you can do this step before drawing the kitty head.

5. Add some little dots with another pink colour.

6. Now for the face! You have to be really really careful! If the face is ruined you can start all over again *_____* Draw little dots with a white colour and line it half with black. Draw the mouth and line the whole body including the legs and tail. It's optional to add a star in the top. The thumb is finished!

7. The 4 remaining fingers are going to be one whole rainbow.  I used 3 colours for each nail. Put some red, orange and yellow nail polish on paper and use the brush in this pic.

8. Sweep the brush in the nail polish like in the picture. You'll see the colours blend a bit into each other and when you're satisfied with this gradient you can apply it the same way on your nail as you did on paper. I applied these colours on my forefinger. Tip: If you don't want a pain in the ass, you should use tape to protect the skin around your nails :P

9. For the middle finger I choose yellow, green and blue. The reason that I use yellow again is that it will overflow a bit with the yellow on my forefinger. For the ring finger I used blue, purple and a nude pink. If all nails are done, remove the nail polish from your skin with a cotton swab.

10. Apply a topcoat and you're done! I used a topcoat with little glitters.

I personally think it was hard to achieve this nail art. The kitty was the hardest of course! Do you know how much time I spent on doing my nails? 4 hours. It was my first time using that brush for gradient colours, so I could expect things going wrong. But I think it's a nice tool to work with if you want nice gradient nails. I think you'll see more tutorials with this brush in the future :D
Items used:
Nyan cat
Essence nail art twins - #07 Chuck
Catrice - #050 Moulin Rouge Light
Maybelline - #135 Nude rose
Essence - #01 Love this city (I love Berlin collection)
Essence - #35 Movie star

MAX nails red (random swatch from cheap store)
Catrice - #170 I scream peach
Catrice - #010 Don't feed the birds
Catrice - #240 Sold out for ever
Wynie blue (bought from market)
Catrice - #130 Lucky in lilac
Catrice - #050 Moulin Rouge Light
Essence glitter top coat


  1. i never thought of using the fan brush for gradients but that is actually a great method!

  2. This is so adorable! I'm going to try it out. I just hate the thought of wasting the extra nail polish on paper e_e

  3. I. Love. This. Look.

    I will forever love it. And share it with friends.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So gonna try that!

  5. I love using a fan brush, but I've never thought to use one for a gradient. I will definitely use a fan brush for my next gradient mani, and I know exactly what type of gradient I'm going to do!

  6. That is just too cool, love the technique you used for the gradient I'm definitely going to have to try that.

  7. wow, this is stunning! so well done! the gradient effet is just perfect!!

  8. I have never seen someone use a fan brush that way! I really like it, and I can't wait for your Guest Post!

  9. oh my gosh this is sooo cute!!! too inspirational!! ^____^

  10. I like the way you make those colors!

  11. oh amazing, you are very skilled, I must try it:))!!!good job!