Friday, October 7, 2011

Tutorial: elegant half moon

I'm not going to write a life story first, just start with the tutorial!! :D

1. Take a shimmery light blue colour as a base colour or any other colour you want. Since I don't have a shimmery blue I first applied a blue colour and after that a glittery grey one. When applying the nail polish you don't have to do the lower part perfectly, since you'll be removing this part anyway in the next step.

2. When it's completely dry, take a cotton swab and dip it into your nail polish remover bottle. Make round movements with the cotton swab on the bottom of your nails. You now should have half moons like in the picture below.

Add 3 dots (with a dotting tool) on your nail like the picture.

4. Now the hardest part of all! *___* Connect them to the border of the half moon with two thin lines. Start with the dot in the middle. Make sure the lines aren't too thick. You want your nails to be elegant so they have to be thin. Tip: think of your nails wearing 3 necklaces.

5. Now connect the 2 other dots with the border.

6. Do the same with your other nails. Add top coat and you have elegant half moon nails now!

Items used:
Essence - #74 Sure azure
Golden rose - #39 (bought in Hong Kong)
Catrice - #650 Goldfinger
Dotting tool
Old tip painter for the lines


  1. i have yet to try out these half moon nails. beautiful design btw! :)