Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tutorial: Rilakkuma nails

My cousin showed my sisters and me her nails with this design and I found it very cute. It's also simple to do so I decided to do a tutorial for you!

Let's get started!
1. Choose a brown colour similiar to Rilakkuma and choose a yellow colour for the bird.

2. Make an oval with white nail polish for the Rilakkuma and use orange nail polish for the bird. Since birds have a beak you have to make it different than Rilakkuma's nose. I used a very thin brush to make a rough outline and filled it in.

3. Take your dotting tool and add the eyes. Stay close to the white oval!

4. Now use the small side of the dotting tool to add the nose. The bird has 2 dots. 

5. Use your thin brush again to add 2 little stripes under the nose of Rilakkuma. Finished!

Items used:
Paris memories brown nail polish (from the market)
Catrice - #010 Don't feed the birds
Catrice - #170 I scream peach!
Essence - #68 Perfectly true
Essence - #85 Galactic black
Long thin brush
Dotting tool


  1. waaaaa! so cute! I love Rilakkuma!! He's one of my favorite chracters!!

  2. THESE ARE SO ADORABLE! Definitely bookmarking this page to try them for a later date. SO cute!!!