Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review: Born Pretty lace stickers

Yay, a review of Born Pretty store to start 2012 with! Born Pretty store gave me the opportunity to choose two items to review! I love nail art decorations but they have to be flat! I just can't stand 3D nails, I always tend to peel the 3D parts off my nails -___- So I chose white lace stickers and dry dried flowers. And today I'm going to review the lace stickers.

First of all I want to thank them for sending me these items! They are really kind and their service is great. Secondly, I want to compliment them because of the super fast shipping! I received the package in five days! I can tell you a shipping of five days from China to The Netherlands is really fast!

Lace stickers HL210
The price of the stickers is $3.66 which is totally inexpensive. First I thought it's $3.66 for one sticker sheet. When I opened my package I saw 10 pieces of stickers. I went crazy and thought: 'why do I get so many?!?' I went to their website and saw that it comes with 10 pieces in total. Lol, I'm so stupid that I overread that. So actually it's only 40 cents per sticker sheet. What a bargain!

At the back of the sticker sheet you can find a description in English and Chinese of how to use the stickers. You have to cut the stickers to fit your nails which might be a struggle sometimes. For me, one row is enough for four fingers. Too bad it's not enough for a whole hand but since it comes with 10 pieces I don't mind at all! In general they are easy to apply. But getting the stickers off might take more time. Overall I'm veryyyy satisfied with these stickers! Recommended!

Here I applied the lace stickers on top of Catrice - #450 Sand Francisco. They made my plain nails really more elegant! What do you think?

Click here to go to their store and here to go to this product. Follow me if you haven't yet and stay tuned for the dry dried flowers review!

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