Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The universe, everything that exists

Thanks to that one person who inspired me to do another galaxy design, but purple. If you are reading this, you know I mean you  It's incredible how large and beautiful the universe is.. It just freaks me out, really :/

And again I used the shimmery black (Essence - #85 Galactic black) as my base colour. Then I applied the darkest colour which is a bit taupe/purple-like (Catrice - #640 Grey's kelly) using a sponge. After that I applied a sharp purple (Essence nail art twins - #08 Gabriella) and a glittery purple (Essence - #380 Forget-me-not!) to it. Now I've got different kind of purple shades. To add more variation I applied a little bit of Catrice - #450 Sand Francisco. And lastly I added some stars with a toothpick using Essence's white stampy polish. There is no certain method of where and how you have to apply the sponge on your nails, just do it the way your feeling thinks it's the prettiest!
Items used:
Essence - #85 Galactic black
Catrice - #640 Grey's kelly
Essence nail art twins - #08 Gabriella
Essence - #380 Forget-me-not!
Catrice - #450 Sand Francisco
Essence nail art stampy polish - #001 Stamp me! White
A piece of sponge

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