Saturday, January 28, 2012

Your new best friend: Pursenal

Whenever I'm going to a restaurant with my friends I actually don't know where to place my bag. I usually put it on a chair next to me, if there is. Cause putting it on the table or on my lap is kind of annoying -___- If there's no chair I have to do it with the ground.. which is not so clean. I recently got a new bag and I don't want it to get dirty!! ò___ó

Hi! Her name is Pursenal and she might be your new best friend! She will always be by your side as she is easy to take with. Yes, she is foldable. And the best of her is.. She can carry your bag whenever you don't know where to leave it! Simply place her on the side of a table and let her carry your bag. She doesn't like your bag to get dirty or even to get stolen! Your bag will stay clean and it will keep others from your bag since it's always in your sight.

I started a mini company with nine classmates in order of a school project. And this is our product we're selling! It's pretty, isn't it? I bought a Pursenal for myself already and it's really useful. Never have to put my bag on the dirty ground ever again.

Do you want Pursenal to be your next best friend and are you living in The Netherlands? Leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you or directly send a message to You can choose the Pursenal in three colours: yellow, pink and purple. They all have a flower in it as well. Price? It's only 7 Euros ^___^

Oh, this might be a gift tip for your other friends too! A nice valentines day gift for your beloved (female) ones!

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