Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hair growth

Hi girls, todays blogpost will be about growing your hair. I can remember that I was very into growing my hair and I know a lot of girls wo are trying to do so too. So I thought this could be an interesting blogpost for you.

Two years ago
My hair lenght was past my boobs. I was looking for tips and products every week. I used coconut shampoo and conditioner, washed my hair with cold water, massaged my head etc. But it didn't really work for me :/ After a while I didn't bother anymore. I got tired of thinking the whole time of growing my hair while it wasn't even growing that much.

After that obsessed period of growing my hair I just didn't care anymore. I still wanted my hair to be long but I didn't bother thinking about it. After those two years not bothering, my hair lenght almost reaches my butt. What I did? The only things I did in the past two years were going to the hair dresser three or four times in total and trying not to think about how I can grow my hair.

My tips for you
Now I'm pretty satisfied with my hair. It's as long as I wanted it to be. Although it doesn't feel that long for me, it feels much shoter than it actually is. But I think everyone has this feeling, it's never long enough haha. The only tip I can give you girls is to be very patient. And don't think of your hair 24/7! This won't do any good for you and your hair.

Oh, almost forgot! You can read everywhere that you have to trim your hair once a month or two. But really, don't do this unless you think your hair needs it. If your hair is healthy, it's healthy. So don't go to the hair dresser! I believed it was really necessary to trim your hair regularly so I went to the hairdresser every two months *____* Afterwards I thought it was bullshit because my hair was fine and not damaged. It can be compared to cutting your grown hair off, so the growth you have been waiting for was all gone again. Besides, some hair dressers cut hair really really really short. I'm never satisfied when I leave the hair dresser, it's always too short.

Good luck with growing your hair! Remember, patience pays off.

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