Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: LUSH - Lemony Flutter

LUSH is a company which sells handmade cosmetics. They have different products, including face masks, soaps, bath bombs, bubble bars, hand and body lotions and hair treatments. All handmade! There are more than 600 stores in 43 countries.

LUSH uses fruit and vegetables, essential oils, and synthetic ingredients in all products produced. In addition to not using animal fats in their products, they are also against animal testing and perform tests solely with volunteers instead.

Lemony Flutter
This product is to soften your cuticles; it's the thickest cream out there. It's so good at softening your cuticles and nourishing your nails that LUSH customers have been using it to soften and nourish lots of other body parts like feet, elbows and knees.

I am so happy with this product! I noticed I had dry cuticles and wanted to get rid of it. I read a lot of reviews from different products but most reviews said Lemony Flutter was the best. I was shocked when I saw the price of it. They sell it for €9.95 in the Netherlands which is $14.20. There was a tester in the store so I applied a bit on my cuticles and.. Wow! It immediately got soft! I WAS SOLD!

The product is really expensive but it's so worth it! It can last for a very long time. Now, after those months (I bought it in April) I'm still using the same jar. You don't even need that much amount for your cuticles! I recommend to apply every night before you sleep, the next morning you'll walk around with soft cuticles!


  1. I went to the Lush store in San Francisco downtown today and I found this for $14.95! I thought they stopped making it because according to Lacquerized, one of their providers for ingredients started testing on animals. I decided not to buy it, but I saw another customer take one off the shelf when I was still contemplating on purchasing it and it was just :( tempting

  2. Oh, I read her article too. But that was from a year ago and she said it was temporary.

    Maybe they stopped the animals tests and started selling them again? I can't find anything about it with Google >.>