Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dots on your half moon

Hi girls, how have you been? Last week I was very very busy with school, I was so stressing out. But I think that time is not over yet ): For our school project we have to start a business, registered in the Chamber of Commerce. We have to import products from Asia and sell them in The Netherlands. Sooo there is lots of work to do! The project lasts 30 weeks.

I've seen the half moon manicure (leaving the below part of your nails plain) very often in Japanese nail art magazines and I think it's cute. It's also very simple to do, I made round movements with a cotton swab . The only thing you have to watch out for is that you don't rush while doing so. You have to be patient if you want it to be the correct appearance.
Items used:
Essence nail art twins - #07 Chuck
Essence nail art stampy polish - #001 Stamp me! White
Essence nail art freestyle & tip painter - #10 More than silver
Essence high shine topcoat
Cotton swab with nail polish remover


  1. WOW your nails are SO pretty and LONG! I love this technique too, it's super cute and different <3 I really need to invest in some nail stamps, I can't be left out from the kawaii nail scene any longer!! :'D

    Good luck with school!! It sounds crazy and a lot of work, but it sounds pretty exciting at the same time!!!