Saturday, September 24, 2011

Metallic Essence

Got this design from my younger sister. Yes, the one who did the Vans nails :D I like how it looks like foil stickers. Oh, and in case you're wondering why I always use Essence swatches: I think they have cheap prices for high quality. I'm not a person who will spend her money on expensive stuff. Gives me a bad feeling if I do ): I would love to try the OPI swatches one day though!

Can you remember that I once told about my school project? That we have to start an own business and import & sell products in the Netherlands. We are doing a market research now because we have to know which product Dutch residents like the most. If you're from the Netherlands, could you please complete this online survey for me? I would really appreciate! It only takes 3 till 5 minutes of your time ^___^ Click here!
Items used:
Essence nail art cracking base colour - #01 Sparkling champagner
Essence nail art freestyle & tip painter - #11 Grape-metallic rocks
Essence nail art freestyle & tip painter - #12 metallic champagne

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