Thursday, September 22, 2011

WIC by Herôme (for Dutch readers)

Herôme is a Dutch cosmetics brand which thinks real beauty comes from the inside, not the outside. That's why they support charities every year. Their nail polish collection World Inspired Colours (WIC) by Herôme has 79 swatches and every colour has the name of a cosmopolitan city. The colours are high quality, cause they are enriched with Silica, Vitamin E and Panthenol.

Douglas invites you!
On 22, 23 and 24 September you can get your nails done by their staff. After that you can choose a free WIC colour to take home. You can go to every Douglas branch you want, except the ones at Amsterdam Gelderlandplein, Amsterdam Beethovenstraat, Amsterdam P.C. Hooftstraat and Laren. If you want to go I advise to go early when they open their dores or at the end of the day before closing. It might be very crowded and each customer takes 15 minutes to get their nails done.

I went today in Rotterdam and I have to say they didn't polish my nails that pretty. I removed it right away when I was home lol. But hey, it was free and the swatch was free as well :D I chose the swatch #110 Casablanca to take home. I'm actually not a lover of purple nail polish but I wanted this one because of the small golden glitters in it. What I think about the colour? I don't love it. It has a soft and mysterious appearance but it's just not my colour. The golden glitters are also not very noticable when applied. Wish I picked another colour instead lol. But as I said, it was all free so that's okay. I do like the nail polish itself! It applies very easy and well. It dries very fast too.

Go to your nearest Douglas store cause when the swatches are all given away there's no more left.


  1. how did you do the swatch? :o it looks like a nail art brush judging by the size of the bottle!

  2. I know right! It looks a lot like a nail art brush, but it isn't. The swatch is normal size and it works fine (: